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I left an intense four-day weekend feeling both further equipped and really inspired. I couldn't wait to get back so I could start using the actual things that I had both learned and practiced across the weekend. It felt like a really good use of limited training dollars.

Sara Gibson
Chief Development and Communications Officer, Miriam's Kitchen, Washington, DC

This is by far the most useful conference I have attended in the fundraising industry. I have applied skills learned and referenced material provided, both in the office and on the road, everyday since attending the PLAN-MGO.

Ann Lamond
Leadership and Planning Officer, Elderhostel, Inc., MA

The PLAN-MGO conference exceeded my expectations. It was geared to major gifts professionals who are out in the field on a daily basis. It reinforced the importance of relationships and personalized, thoughtful strategies. It provided many useful insights and tools to help us be successful at what we do and reinforced the effectiveness of the often unconscious talents and skills that we use to be successful. I would highly recommend this course to any fundraising professional who is out actively building relationships for their organization.

Marion York
Director of Development, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Canada

This four-day intensive program was transformational. It brought me to an entirely new level of sophistication and renewed my commitment to philanthropic work. Being able to meet and spend time with other fundraising professionals was invaluable. Thank you for putting this together – I learned a lot!

Catherine Lynch
Director of Campaigning, Unitarian Universalist Association, MA

PLAN-MGO provided a unique insight into building relationships and how to incorporate that knowledge into developing strategies that help maximize the amount of money you raise for your organization. The quality, level of expertise and personality of each speaker helped keep participants engaged, encouraged lively discussions and provided a good dose of laughter. Not only did the presentations help to validate what you already know, but also provided fresh, simple information that was current and intriguing. As a senior development professional with over 25 years of experience I found PLAN-MGO to be one of the best and most useful conferences I have attended.

Suzanne Cook Kinsellagh
Chief Development Officer, Boston Foundation For Sight, MA

This was the single most relevant and useful conference/seminar I have ever attended. I was able to utilize information and strategies immediately and planning to continue to incorporate what I learned to benefit my organization.

Lisa Merrill-Burzak
Vice President of Development, New Hampshire Catholic Charities, NH

The PLAN-MGO seminar was a value-added, intense yet intimate and effective four days. A great opportunity to push yourself, test yourself, and grow from within…all with the help, support and camaraderie of others .

Tiffany Singleton
Senior Director of Strategic Development, Year Up, DC

This was, by far, the best training I have ever been to. The faculty is top quality and experts in the field. Be prepared for an INTENSE 4 days with the result of becoming a Master Gift Officer.

Donia Camarena
Major Gifts Officer, Phelps Regional Medical Center, MO

Even after 25 years in the field, I found PLAN-MGO to be extremely enriching and well worth my time. The various learning methods, the topics, the faculty and the setting were nothing less than excellent. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.

Robin Popp
Major Gift Officer, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, MA

PLAN-MGO without a doubt needs to become a must do for all development professionals. Within the first week since the training we have already created our top five to do's. This training will change the way fundraisers look at their relationship with themselves and their donors, and the people who maybe predisposed to their organizations.

Ann Tubbs, MS
Executive Director, Vera French Foundation, Davenport, IA

This conference provided many moments of enlightenment about the science and rationale behind work I’ve been doing for many years. It is empowering to know that I will now be able to make plans and implement them much more consciously by applying the techniques I’ve learned.

Aisha Francis
Vice President for Development, Crittenton Women’s Union, MA

This conference provided me with essential fundamentals for fundraising that I have not seen at any other conference, for example the need to look at and own our own experience and views concerning money and reflect on how that comes to bear on our work. I loved the fact that throughout, the conference “Amplfied the Positive.” And the atmosphere and experiences fostered a collegiality that is beyond compare. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate! 

Liza Martina
Central Region Director of Development, NC State University, College of Ag & Life Sciences

If you want to take your fundraising skills to the next level, then PLAN-MGO is the way to do it.  I learned things about myself that will be invaluable to my fundraising career. I also learned how to efficiently and strategically work the process and, most importantly, how to MAKE THE ASK! I feel empowered and ready to go raise more money for my nonprofit…

Barbara Milligan
President & CEO, Cape and Islands United Way, MA

How wonderful to attend a conference that hammers home the key elements of the work we must do as MGO's. Devoting particular sessions that break down rapport building, making the ask, and understanding, using DISC, who is across the table, were especially meaningful to me. Sharing the weekend with amazing peers and extraordinary program leaders was terrific. The work with listening skills and the recognition that "donors leave clues" was an "ah ha" moment too. The four day format created a "retreat" environment allowing for mental detachment from the office and increased receptivity of conference material. I left feeling refreshed and recharged...ready to approach my work with newly informed perspectives. Thank you!

Jo-Ann Lovejoy
Major Gift Officer, Middlesex School, MA

As a CEO who is not a fund raiser, but needs to be, I found this program extremely helpful. It covered the emotional and intellectual aspects of fund raising and giving. The speakers were each excellent and informative. The agenda was full, and the spirit in the room lively and fun. The content was useful for sales, customer relations and other aspects of dealing with consumers. A great value.

Joanne Parsons
CEO/President, Youville House/Youville Place Assisted Living Residences, MA

You are both consummate professionals and your guest speakers also knocked it out of the park. I came back energized and highly motivated and told our Vice President of Development that we should send all our staff to the training. It was fun, challenging, enlightening, exhausting, and a game changer. Thank you for making me a better Executive Director.

Tom McNaught
Executive Director, John F. Kennedy Library Foundation

This was by far the most effective training I've ever attended. Each topic and exercise built on what came previously so that by the time we arrived at the topic for the last day--making the ask--we were all ready. I can't recommend this training enough.

Lori Piccolo
Development Director, Children’s Law Center, DC

The conference exceeded my expectations. I appreciate that it incorporated information about personality and demeanor in addition to helpful strategy about building relationships that will lead to meaningful gifts. I have already recommended the conference to several colleagues.

Andrea Diehl
Philanthropy Officer , Hazelden Foundation, MN

The PLAN-MGO conference was absolutely invaluable to me and my growth as a development professional. I left the four day intensive conference with a renewed sense of confidence and deeper understanding and respect for the important roles that we play stewards of philanthropy and development officers.

Bronwyn Dannenfelser
Director of Resource Development, WaterFire Providence, RI

Welcome to PLAN-MGO


PLAN-MGO is an immersive, four-day training event that transforms development professionals into Master Gift Officers by reengineering the nature of their relationships with donors, goals, asks, and stewardship.


PLAN-MGO is designed for staff, trustees, board members, and others engaged in not-for-profit fundraising.  It offers coaching and tools designed to identify and eliminate old, unconscious paradigms and assumptions which limit fundraising success, as well as to bring out the inherent brilliance of each participant. You will return to your organization fully confident and ready to move the needle in ways not considered possible before.



MARCH 31-APRIL 3, 2017

MIT Endicott House, Dedham MA



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APRIL 10-13, 2015

If you have a budget for continuing professional education, you are going to want to spend 100% of it on PLAN-MGO.  If you don’t have a budget for continuing professional education, PLAN-MGO would inspire you to negotiate one – tomorrow. PLAN-MGO is just that valuable. From exquisitely gifted and deeply knowledgeable faculty to an evidence-based curriculum, don’t miss this opportunity – for you, your team or your staffSusan Buchanan, Major and Planned Gifts Officer, Concord Hospital Trust, NH – 2015


I was shocked by how energized, inspired, and empowered I felt at the end of the four days.   The conference presenters provided specific fundraising tools (tracking documents, ask algorithms) and shared fundamentals for making “the ask,” within an overarching framework of positive inquiry and promoting a culture of philanthropy in our organizations. Personally, the importance of understanding ourselves and truly listening to others as we build relationships with donors, senior executives, colleagues, and team members was the most valuable lesson of this extraordinary weekend. PLAN-MGO is a truly unique learning experience, and exceeded all expectations.  Megan Hinckley, Director of Development, American Repertory Theater, Loeb Drama Center, MA – 2015


The PLAN-MGO conference was beyond my expectations. I was able to build real relationships with all of the attendees and know that I can reach out to any of them for support and guidance at any time. The guest speakers were engaging, inspiring, motivational and clearly the experts in their fields. I left the conference feeling empowered and motivated with the proper tools to move forward and be successful. Thank you for this invaluable learning experience! Ginny Irving,  Major Gifts Officer, HopeHealth, MA – 2015


The late and great Maya Angelou once said “When you know better, you do better.” That’s what rings true to me after attending the PLAN-MGO conference. In my 15+ years of doing this work, I have never left a conference feeling so inspired. From the caliber and professionalism of the speakers, to the knowledge and materials that were provided, I can only see myself growing as a professional and human being…no longer being afraid to ASK. Kathy Guillaume-Delemar Major Gifts Officer, Miriam’s Kitchen Washington, DC – 2015


MIT Endicott House – Dedham, MA


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